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The quality of your roof is crucial, and you should take it very seriously. It plays a pivotal role in the protection of your home and with the correct installation, can last for many years. Sky High Roofing delivers a roof that provides optimal protection for every client, every time.

Expert Knowledge

Everything from the type of roofing material to how it is installed plays a vital role in the quality of your roofing. Materials that create too much weight or inadequate underlayment can cause costly and dangerous issues down the track. This is why you want someone you can trust handling your roof installation.

Years of experience

With many years of experience across all facets of roofing, the Sky High team can guarantee that your roofing installation is of high quality and able to protect your structure no matter what the elements throw at it. 

Peace of mind

We always use durable, well-made materials and complete our installs with expert workmanship. Our goal is to ensure that you avoid all roofing problems, be it a new construction or repairs to something pre-existing. We are experts in every aspect of roofing, giving you peace of mind that your family rests under a reliable, protective structure.

Quality Roofing

Working with a team of highly trained and experienced experts that treat every job like the work of art it is with the highest level of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Over 12 years experience

Commercial Roofing Gold Coast

Sky High Roofing provides a range of roofing and guttering replacement services for all types of Commercial and Industrial Buildings on the Gold Coast. No job is too big or too complicated, and we are well regarded in the industry for our large-scale work. Our team is frequently contracted by other roofing and construction companies to complete various projects, and we pride ourselves on our professionalism and high work standards. Whether you need a roof replacement, roof repair or roof restoration, our commercial projects are always delivered on time and budget to the highest quality.

Safe and reliable

Gold Coast Residential Roofing

Your home is one of your most valuable assets, and our experienced team works hard to ensure it is protected with quality roofing solutions. We provide trusted and honest advice on the security and structural integrity of your home and have a range of metal and tile roofing services to suit any need. We also provide excellent value for money and the peace of mind knowing that your roofing has been installed or repaired correctly. Do you have an emergency leaking roof? Do you need your roof replaced or even a complete roof restoration? Make the call to us and consider the issue resolved.

High-quality work and strict safety standards

Sky High Roofing has a proven track record when it comes to projects being completed on time and within budget. The team also maintains an LTI free safety record due to their continuous monitoring and improvement of their safety and training requirements.


Modular Buildings

Sky High Roofing specialises in the production line of Modular Buildings on the Gold Coast in conjunction with one of Australia’s leading transportable building manufacturers. We provide a unique building experience for park cabins, commercial site offices, mining accommodation, and large scale multi-story commercial building complexes. Our team can supply roof wall/cladding, commercial roofing, residential and maintenance solutions with minimised downtime to decrease any loss of production.


Quality Roof Restoration Gold Coast

The Sky High Roofing Group team can handle any roofing needs from cleaning gutters and water blasting, to roof re-sprays. Need your roof repaired? We can fix the issue, followed by a pressure clean and seal. We can even re-coat the roof with a protective membrane, available in a wide range of colours that improve the appearance of your home while keeping your roofing safe. Transform your old roof and restore it to a new look while increasing the value of your home.

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Our Partners

Sky High Roofing is proud to work in conjunction with leaders of the roofing industry who we feel provide a level of experience and service comparable to the kind we give every one of our customers. We also provide quality Brisbane roofing services and roofing in North East QLD.


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